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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to travel?
A: Not if you donít wish to. We understand that travel is expensive and sometimes that is a difficulty not easily overcome. We maintain community in prayer and careful formation, and encourage members to meet once a year at St. Mary Magdalene's Retreat in Yreka, California, but this is by no means required.

Q: Since you are Anglican, do you accept gay members?
A: We absolutely accept all of Godís children into our fellowship; however we believe that marriage was ordained by God in creation as existing between one man and one woman, and that only this union is sanctioned by God and His Church.

Q: What is the symbolism of the CCS logo?
A: Our logo, the equal-armed cross of wheat inside a circle forming a solar cross, is also the official habit cross of the order. The circle represents the world; and the cross laying above it, stretching its arms to all directions, is symbolic of the saving love of Christ, the miracle of growth, and confirms that all of creation is of and belongs to Christ the Lord.
The colors of the logo, deep green and gold, represent wheat at its different stages of growth, green while young newly growing, gold once matured and ready to be harvested. It reminds us of our own journey and the need to produce a rich harvest for the gospel, planting the seeds of Christ's message both in our own lives and in the world around us. This design, the wheat cross in the center of a circle, is a traditional symbol of the Community.

Q: If I become a member do I have to wear a habit?
A: Wearing of a habit is not required by any member, but is expected at formal events of the Community such as professions and other official Community gatherings. In keeping with our rule of simplicity, we have chosen as our habit a plain black cassock. Those in the Third Order, Friends, wear the habit cross as a sign and seal of their commitment to the Community. Those in Postulancy wear the habit cross and a cassock with a green cincture, and those in the Novitiate wear it with a gold cincture. Those who are fully professed members wear the habit cross and both the green and gold cinctures twined together as well as a 'brother' collar. The Rector wears the habit cross and black cassock only.
All members are expected the wear a cross, though not necessarily the habit cross, or other Christian symbol or emblem on the exterior of their clothing at all times unless forbidden by their employer or other authority.

Q: Why is the head of the order referred to as Rector?
A: The word rector ("ruler," from the Latin regere) has a number of different meanings, but all of them indicate someone who is in charge of something. In the Roman Catholic Church, a rector is a person who holds the office of presiding over an ecclesiastical institution or an organization, such as a parish, a seminary, a university, a hospital, or a community of clerics or religious. The word rector also has no gender associations. The office of Rector is open to both men and women in the order and does not require consecration by a bishop.

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Community of Christ the Sower
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