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Resident Clergy

Reverend Enda-Luke

Rev'd Chris Enda-Luke serves as the Director of St. Mary Magdalene's Retreat, the Superior General of the Community of Christ the Sower, and is the Priest of St. Mary Magdalene's Church. These positions are non-stipendiary. Clergy are usually worker-priests who work regular jobs and pursue their ministries on their own time and with their own financial resources. Ministries can vary greatly and, while some pursue congregational worship, many offer services in nursing homes, or work as shelter, hospital, fire, police or jail chaplains. In all cases they are usually non-paid and offer their services on a volunteer basis, frequently paying for ministry related expenses on their own such as rent and/or utilities of a church building, church furnishings and supplies, web sites, advertising, and literature to distribute. A self-supporting parish may decide to support it's priest, with permission of the bishop, but this is rare. All priests work to support themselves at least through their formation and training, and most remain worker-priests for the duration of their respective careers.

The Reverend Chris Enda-Luke is originally from San Diego and has resided in Siskiyou County for the past 32 years. She founded St. Mary Magdalene's Retreat in 1994 and went on to seminary. She completed her Master of Divinity in 1998, was ordained to the priesthood shortly thereafter. On Palm Sunday of that year the doors were opened to public worship at the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene.

In 2007, she accepted the appointment of Prior with the newly formed Community of Christ the Sower. In 2009 she was asked to serve as Superior General [similar to Abbess] for the Community. Her function is to minister to the Order, offer spiritual direction to members, oversee the formation of postulants and novices, and to handle the business and administrative details of the Community. She has worked in the counseling field since 1978.

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St. Mary Magdalene's Church
Yreka, California
Rev'd Chris Enda-Luke CCS, Priest

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