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+++++ Michaelmas Newsletter +++++

October & November, 2019


Services will be resuming on Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 10:00 AM. If you would like to be placed on the newsletter mailing list, please send your name and address, either snail or email, to

NOV 3 10:00 AM LITURGY FOR ALL SAINTS & ALL SOULS DAY (transferred from November 1)
NOV 10 10:00 AM Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
NOV 17 10:00 AM Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
NOV 24 10:00 AM CHRIST THE KING (Last Sunday of Pentecost)
NOV 28 (Thursday) 11:00 AM THANKSGIVING DAY (Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene)
DEC 1 10:00 AM First Sunday of Advent

A new liturgy from the book of Eucharistic liturgies, Walking the Prophetic Journey, will be used for the All Saints & All Souls Day service, which will take place on Sunday, November 3.

The last Sunday before Advent is Christ the King. Also known as “Stir Up Sunday” from the old collect prayer always used on “the Sunday next before Advent”: Stir up we beseech Thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people, that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee, be plenteously rewarded; through Jesus Christ our Lord. It was also a reminder that it was time for members of the family to take turns stirring the Christmas pudding in preparation of that feast. This is the day for everyone to bring a homemade confection to share at coffee hour after the service.
An old Lutheran lectionary has a lot of “stir up” collects during this time of year. “Stir up, we beseech Thee, Thy power, O Lord..” on the First Sunday of Advent and “Stir up our hearts, O Lord, to make ready the way of Thine only begotten Son...” on the Second Sunday of Advent. The idea of “stirring up” comes from the Latin excita, to increase to greater activity, and is a reference to God’s power and man’s will. We know that the will is incalculably strong and when we want or will to do something, it usually gets done. We know that the will is free to choose, but who or what guides it? During this coming holiday season remember that we need to be stirred to right action by the Holy Spirit, inspired to good works through the love of Christ, and then we will be “plenteously rewarded.”

Thanksgiving Day is on the latest date of which it can fall, November 28, the fourth Thursday of November. We will have a “low” mass (no music) at 11:00 AM so people can get things ready in the morning, enjoy the service while the food is in the oven, and be home for dinner in the afternoon.

On December 1 we will again transition to Rite I during the season of Advent and will continue to use Rite 1 until Christmas. Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday this year, giving us three and a half weeks for Advent preparations.


At last! The maintenance and upgrades to the chapel are underway and services will resume on Sunday, November 3, 2019.


We were forced to close our checking account some time ago at what was then American West Bank as we were not able to maintain the required minimum balance and the checking account was charged a service fee each month. Now that the bank has changed hands yet again, we will investigated the possibility of re-opening an account after services have resumed.

Yours in the Light,
Reverend Enda-Luke. CCS

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St. Mary Magdalene's Church
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Rev'd Chris Enda-Luke CCS, Priest

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